Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Just so you know I'm alive.

I managed to purchase the most awful toilet paper available in stores. It's single-ply and audibly crinkles like tissue paper. I wish I could remember what brand it was, because if it WAS my trusty (cheap) favorite, Scott's, then they have made a terrible mistake in changing their product. I'm embarrassed to put it in our bathrooms.

I found out today that Bo's big sister CooterBrown passed away last week. It's because of her that Beau came to live with us. Brian was not a dog person back before December 2008, and when I begged for a puppy he just couldn't bring himself to want one around the house. THEN his co-worker started bringing his new little puppy to the trailer, and sure enough, Brian fell in love with her. That little puppy was CooterBrown. When the same co-worker found out that CB's littermate was in need of a good home, Brian agreed to bring him home for a 'trial run'. Of course, the rest is history and our big boy Beau lights up our house. My heart is sad. Bo was lucky to have a big sister that looked out for him.

Brian bought me a new pair of boots, a hiking backpack (serious stuff here, folks), and a Kelty tarp 'in case in rains on the trail' while we're in Montana. He's so excited for our trip. I feel positively showered with gear.

Spring has definitely sprung here in NC and I'm loving it. Sure, the occasional hot days give me a bit of a panic - after all, summer is right around the corner, ready to smother me - but I am enjoying the new, bright green leaves, the flowers, and the new growth in our garden and yard. It is such a miracle that spring comes every year.

I am getting a new nephew soon! Possibly.... today!

AND finally - I love Brian and I love Bo and I am positively completely 100% happy. I know that the joy of the Lord is still possible when you are grieving or enduring a trial, but on some days it is just so easy to feel happy. I've had a lot of weeks like that lately, and I'm so thankful for them. All around us, friends are enduring dark times and my heart is heavy for them. Yet while I mourn for them, I look around and freshly realize all that I've been given.