What happened to The Wonder Wife?

I hope I'm not the only person in the world who ever started a blog with a tiny hope that someday it would become a multi-bajillion pageview site. 

Alas, for lack of both devotion and talent, The Wonder Wife always remained a little blog. It was with me for almost six years, which is why from 2009-2014, you'll see references to myself as "The Wonder Wife." Always tongue-in-cheek, of course.

I've said goodbye to The Wonder Wife, which was originally intended for entertainment value. It was almost completely abandoned during our Year of Transition, 2012-13, but later, as I read back over the years' worth of posts, I was so grateful for that record of our married lives before children. The tiny bit I gave to The Wonder Wife rewarded me later.

Which inspired me for this blog.

I'll never be the writer of a famous blog, but I can record our lives so that I can look back later. And laugh, and remember, like I do now.

Brian and I live in Michigan with our two boys, Will and Barrett, our daughter, Neva, and our dog, Bo, who's been around during the Best of Times (aka "before kids") and the Worst of Times (sometimes I forget to feed him). My family is the light and joy of my life. My greatest hope is to build a happy home that glorifies God and to enjoy as much of this as I can.

Feel free to contact me at Maegan@SingtoLife.com.

Some of my posts are password-protected, when I include pictures of other kids (cousins or friends!) If you know me and want to see these posts, just shoot me a text!