Sunday, August 20, 2017


Lately the kids can't get enough of building things.... with anything! I absolutely adore this. We have lots of different building toys and multiple times a day the boys use them. Especially Barrett. I think it's because of him that the boys build so much now. Anyway, I moved the wooden blocks into the middle of the living room, and they get a lot more use, and so there are often solitary structures littering the floor. It can be a little hazardous to family harmony because Neva enjoys knocking them down so much.

I tell the kids that building makes them smart!

One day William told me he wanted to build "a clock with gears." I love building too, so of course I was happy to help! We put together this big clock and later (of course) we knocked it down. William was really disappointed, especially so, more than usual, so I told him I'd help him build it again the next day. Anyway, we built three or four of the same clock, making them bigger and better each time, for the next few days. He enjoyed putting all those wheels different places to be "gears."

We found ourselves at the library one day. The boys really got into playing with the Legos there for some reason, even though we've got lots of Legos at home. (Maybe it was the open, inviting bin in a new environment, or maybe the lack of restrictive rules (like "keep the colors separate") like I have at home.) While I did my best to keep up with Mac and Neva, I thanked God a thousand times for two boys who are obedient and trustworthy enough to basically take care of themselves at the library. Their one request was to have pictures of their creations taken before we left.

Another version of our clock!

(I know this isn't building...)
William drew this adorable picture of daddy diving underwater for gold coins. When he finished, he asked, "How do you spell 'done'?" I answered, "D – O – N – E." And to my astonishment, he wrote it out. Perfectly. I cannot take credit for that! It's all thanks to ABC mouse, upon which I've probably relied too heavily in this postpartum period of adjustment.

This was Barrett's picture of daddy in the whale.

This was just ticklishly delightful. As I was doing my work out, I heard a flurry of commotion as the boys threw each block out of the box. When I looked over a minute later, they were both just sitting, silently tucked into the empty box. Adorable.