Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Okay, maybe all this didn't happen today. But it's time I resume these posts. Too many cute things are said that are forgotten.

After I returned from a baby shower on Saturday, the kids were thrilled to see me. William put his arms around my neck and said tenderly into my ear, "Mama, thank you for coming back."

Barrett likes to lay on the floor and drive the cars around on the carpet crying, "Whee! Whee!" He is a rambunctious, spunky little chipmunk with nary a desire to sit still for long and a very strong will to boot, but last night after haircuts, when I was finished cleaning up and finally sat down with them to watch the last 10 minutes of their Olivia episode, he sat in my lap and just kissed my face three or four times in a row. Then he got down and ran around, came back, and kissed me some more. It was an unprompted show of love that redeemed all the hard points in the day.

Today Will and I did a little bit of school, mostly played the memory game and marbles and a bit of Pallina. We have covered letters A through D in depth but I think we should wait and review before moving on.