sing to life

I sing of the life that I bear
I sing to the one who’s inside of me
Whose face is familiar though I've never seen
Whose life lies ahead like a wonderful dream

I sing of the love that I bear
I sing to the Spirit indwelling me
Alive deep inside me as surely, I know
As my baby is living and grows

Passion and pain
Come together the same
As the flesh and the blood come by way of one love

Sing then to life
And of love come alive
So all that is darkness will die

~Michael Card

I sing this song to my babies all the time.
I sang it to Barrett when I first held him. It's still one of the only songs that soothes him.
I love it.
I love what its words express - everything important to me.
Hope after loss.
Joy in a dark place.
My children, my husband, and our mission on this earth.