Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Baby's Room

Well folks, this week I'm 35 weeks and loving life. Seriously. I would say this must be the pregnamoon (as in 'honeymoon' or 'babymoon'). I'm big enough now that when the baby moves around, I don't just feel pops and nudges, I feel body parts shifting in there. I feel hiccups down low, where the baby's head is, and occasionally I feel movement there so I assume that must be the hands. I feel knobby bulges that must be feet and a little round bump that sticks out above my belly button, which must be the baby's little butt. I love to tickle it with my fingers. I really feel like I'm finally carrying a baby around, not a bad case of indigestion.

(Speaking of, the other day, I, um, passed gas, so suddenly, that I startled the baby and the baby jumped! I'm sorry if that's too much information but I consider it to be too funny not to remember forever.)

At 35 weeks, I'm not too big to be on my feet, my symptoms haven't gotten any worse (and in some cases, better... maybe it's my body giving a grievous sigh and just deciding that this is life now, and that it's just going to accept things the way they are). Whatever the reason, I give my body a huge high-five for letting my nose finally, finally clear up at night. Thank you, body.

At 35 weeks, we're smack in the middle of April and God has blessed us with a nice, cool spring so far. (Normally the weather seems to jump from winter-fifties to summer-eighties within a week or so, with no turning back, but not this year.) I am leaving the windows open while I work at my computer and work around the house. I am very busy with projects on my work to-do list, my house to-do list, and my baby to-do list, but it's nice to be busy.

And at 35 weeks, my hormones are either finally regulating or surging with oxytocin, because I am suddenly very patient with the dog, very happy to make dinner for Brian, and very much looking forward to each day. I think I am walking around the neighborhood each morning with a springy step and a cheesy grin to accompany my big bubble belly. I probably look like a Macy's Day float.

I will look back on these moments very fondly when I am crying incessantly in the weeks after the birth and saying things like, "I don't know why I'm crying... probably because the bacon grease splashed on my arm... and because the garden needs to be watered... and because it's so hot."

Thankfully, one thing I can almost cross off my baby to-do list is... drumroll, please... the baby's room! It still needs blinds, and the rocking chair needs a coat of finish, and the baby's clothes and things need to be washed and organized, but other than that it's pretty much done.

The baby will sleep with us for the first little bit (three weeks? months? years? who knows?) in this:

We'll move it downstairs when we get closer to May 22. It's pictured in the empty baby's room, but now it's sitting in the loft.

When it's time for Dubs to leave the nest, he or she will fly on up to the nursery where he or she will surely sleep blissfully for nine hours straight.

Whether the sleep part is true or not, the baby will finally occupy this room. And let me say, I can't wait. Because I LOVE IT. Everyone has their own vision for a nursery, and it is so darn fun to finally be able to put YOUR vision together. I can't tell you how many times I'd walk up to this room and stand in its empty light and imagine what it might look like one day.

I wanted a room that was not too full, not too 'permanently decorated' (because sometimes kids grow up and develop their own tastes, and also because sometimes people move home to Michigan, and you just never know what might happen), and not gender specific. I wanted it to be simple, bright, and warm. I also wanted to look for things I could use in the very distant future, when there is no more chance of new babies, so I picked things out that could be used in other rooms of the house one day (for example, the changer top can be removed to transition to a bookshelf). The only thing that can't transition is the crib, but I loved the drawer so much I looked past that.

Without further ado!

The crib and mobile:

Changer with mirror and hanging fish above it:

Baby toy basket, non-baby-proof lamp and treacherous cord (don't worry, I'll take care of it someday), our hospital bag (yet to be packed, I'm afraid), and a nightstand to sit beside the rocker. Someday this nightstand will sit beside a twin bed and hold journals and artwork and little-kid treasures:

I can see little hand prints on this mirror in the future. Also, selfishly, one day I will steal it and put it in my room. It's huge! (I just love the Michigan teether sitting on the top for now:)

The rocking chair will sit to the left. The wall cards add some color and can be taken down without leaving marks. I LOVE them because on each one, there are a multitude of little things that start with the letter on the card. I hope my baby and I can look at these and have fun finding all the items:

Bo just loves this rug:

Another look at the mobile. I saw this on Etsy and decided to make my own. It's not perfect, but it was made with love and I enjoyed doing it:

The bottom of the changer will hold board books and toys for the baby to grab. These have been gifts from family, friends, and some toys that Brian played with as a little boy:

The beginning of our diaper stash (the pink was a hand-me-down, and if we have a boy, well, he'll never know):

Baby's clothes are still being organized and sorted:

That's all, folks!

I'm hanging up now. See you soon!



  1. LOVE the baby's room! I wish we had deep closets like that. And good job on the mobile - it's awesome!

  2. Your nursery is adorable! So excited for you to meet your baby!