Monday, June 11, 2012


I've been working on my birth story. It's already super long and I haven't even gotten to day 2! On one hand, I know that most people won't be interested in reading all the mundane details, like when I laid down on the bed or when I got in the tub or what I was thinking on the way to the birth center. But on the other hand, I want to record everything I can remember, for ME! Although the time was intense and a lot of work, I now consider it to be one of the best memories of my life.

So, stay posted for that!

Brian and I were walking the dog by the lake and trying to calm a fussy Will before bedtime. (It worked... he loves being outside.) I asked him, "Do you think Jesus ever got gassy?"

And then it occurred to me - I bet he did. I bet he got fussy and gassy and pooped on his mom, just like Will. And although I think Will is the most perfect, adorable thing I've ever seen - he's pretty much a little idiot. He hollers and hollers for food, rooting desperately at the pillow underneath his head, even though his food is right in front of his face. In calm times he'll sit with his little tongue hanging out of his mouth and a totally clueless look on his face. He doesn't even seem to recognize me or Brian yet. Of course, he's perfect the way he is and this is how he's supposed to be right now- but he is basically a blob. A pooping, gassy little guy.

And Jesus became that for us. I'm sure he didn't come out of the womb eating modestly and giving wise glances to his parents. I bet he did all the same things every baby does. He was a little, red, hollering idiot. He was the Son of God, holy and powerful and perfectly blessed in the presence of the Lord, and he gave all that up. The idea that he humbled himself and became a man - it's fresh to me now. He didn't immediately become a thirty-year-old teacher and healer. He started out as a drooling little guy with no head control and the same infant rashes that everyone has.

Of course, that was just the beginning of a life of humility. Jesus submitted himself to the will of God, to torment at the hands of his beloved bride, to death on the cross. But he started it all out the way the rest of us have - as a little baby, totally helpless and dumb in the hands of his mother. How amazing.

(Will, about 1 week old)


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  1. That's so true about the Jesus thing. I love that He did that for us!

    And Will is still so tiny at a week old - how cute!