Friday, April 26, 2013

Well, hello again!

I'm sure you thought my blog was gone forever. I certainly did! A couple weeks ago, my dad raced upstairs to tell me that my blog had been "hacked!" To my horror, The Wonder Wife was most certainly gone and in its place was some raunchy-looking dating site.

My blog had not been hacked... my credit card information had been outdated and my domain had not renewed. For the next few hours I sadly mourned the loss of The Wonder Wife, which had been an active little site for a few very brief moments of my life. And I had loved it.

But alas! All hope was not gone. I updated my credit card information hoping that I could still salvage The Wonder Wife. And... ten dollars later, here we are again! All mine... to neglect!

So here I am to write a very brief post explaining where the heck I've been!

In October, our dreams came true and we moved back home to Michigan. Brian had an amazing job lined up, we sold our house to the most perfectly sweet couple (if anyone could love our home as much as we did, they do), and we planned to stay with our families while we house hunted and waited for him to begin work January 1.

In December, to our dismay, the amazing job fell through. The company that had planned to hire Brian had lost an enormous project - the one over which they had planned to put him in charge. He began earnestly looking for work. The next few months, which I'm sure were some of the longest of his life (and mine), involved yet ANOTHER company reneging a job offer due to another lost project, dead-end leads, hundreds of sent resumes and phone calls, and hours of soul searching and prayer. Through it all, we knew without a shadow of a doubt that moving home had not been a mistake.

In March, God answered our prayers in an enormous way. Not only had our dream to move home come true, my personal dream of Brian finding a job that didn't involve a location change every couple of years came true as well. After ten years of struggling to establish a healthy work/life balance in a company whose atmosphere discouraged pursuits other than WORK, Brian finally works a job that is more than conducive for family life. I am so thrilled and thankful. Of course, God had a plan!

Of course, this has meant that we've been staying with family for much longer than we'd thought, and we are actually STILL living with my parents! The experience has been precious and wonderful, as Will has spent his first year surrounded by love on every side. But we are ready for our own space, too! So this Saturday we'll be going to check out a few houses. We have a pretty odd list of criteria, which narrows the pickin's down quite a bit, but in this I am also confident that God has a plan and that our house is already chosen and waiting for us. (THIS, however, is the main reason my little blog has been so sorely neglected. How can I sit down and write when I'm soaking up the family time I've missed over the past seven years?)

Finally, the past seven months have been the best of my life, even though they've contained some difficult trials. The main reason for this has - of course - been Will. He's been the most precious, bright spot of life and happiness in the world. Every day his personality reveals itself a bit more, and we're cherishing our 11-month-old, funny, goofy, cautious, curious, determined little boy so very much. I can't tell you how much I love - LOVE - being a mom. What more could I ask for?

Will and Dada on Easter morning

Will and me on Easter Sunday

Will and his buddy Bo


  1. Wow! I've almost emailed you several times,but I was worried something terrible had happened! I'm so glad everything is going well for you now :-) Will is so big! You have a beautiful family.

  2. Sky, I'd love to be in touch with you!!! I check your Silver Linings blog every now and then but last time I checked you were absent. I will shoot you an email!!!

  3. well it's about time. :) Glad to see Bo is doing well with Will. :) Keep writing!!!