Friday, October 18, 2013

Our February Baby

Pregnant with our second baby,

I drink more coffee than I did with Will.
I get less sleep.
I write fewer pregnancy journals.
I take fewer belly pictures.
I have fewer plans for the baby's room.
I have less time to shop for baby things I need.
I am off my feet less.
I relax less.

But because our baby has an older brother,
He or she already

Hears more stories than Will did.
Hears more laughter.
Hears more songs.
Feels me move about all day.
Hears my voice even in the night.
Feels the movement of the rocking chair long before its birth.

Completely different, it's still as tremendous as it was the first time.

The richest experience in the world is holding my son and feeling his little brother or sister kick inside.
I can't wait to meet our little February baby!
Due 2/20/2014.


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