Friday, January 31, 2014

37 weeks and one day!

First, some pictures, which have almost nothing to do with this post.

Sledding with momma.

Bird watching at breakfast. 

A fun, snowy family day outside.
Can I put myself on bedrest? Just so I have a REASON to sit on my butt all day? Which I already feel like I'm doing, but an excuse might be helpful.

I hope this doesn't mean labor is far away, but the whole Nesting Thing is not kicking in here. Don't get me wrong- I am doing my share around here, but I am TIRED. Exhausted! Anyone for a nap? Just me?

Things are getting crossed off the list, slowly but surely. Today I have a dentist appointment. Wednesday I finally got my hair chopped off.* I finally made it to the Social Security office to get William a new card.** Every time I make a meal I am trying to double it (or more). The art and mirrors that have been propped up against the wall in the kids' room have finally been hung (thanks to Brian). We have clothes for the baby and a place for it to sleep. We also have a carseat, although unfortunately not a car that can seat our whole family comfortably (humans plus dog). Brian's working on that.

As far as pregnancy aches and pains, I am actually enjoying the last month of being pregnant. I'm not worried about how bad it's going to get - I'm already there, and I can take it. I find myself focusing more on my health, so I feel better. I enjoy feeling such exaggerated movements and wondering if THIS could be labor.

Speaking of labor, OH MAN! Last night I lay awake thinking about it. I confess, I am not looking forward to the process (although I am SO looking forward to the perfect moments that follow). I had a couple contractions in bed last night, and immediately felt transported to the night of May 22, 2012. I can remember so clearly the intensity of labor. I am not as mentally prepared this time, as last time I a.) had no idea what to expect, and just looked forward to it, and b.) I had done lots of reading and... well, mental preparation. I really do need to take an afternoon to refresh myself and read a few passages from Ina May, and pray about it. I think that will help.

I am trying to soak up moments with Will. I have guilt that we're not out on the town, digging into fun community activities and taking advantage of the ease of one-on-one. But it's been so, so, SO cold lately, and did I mention that I'm exhausted?! But I assure you, whenever we visit Meijer, I let him ride the horse a couple times. Meanwhile, at home, we're doing lots of ball-playing, book-reading, and singing and dancing. He is just such a joy. Yesterday was a hard day, but there were still moments that were so cute I couldn't wait to tell Brian.

Will does this thing lately. When I tell him to give me a kiss (we're pretty much exclusively a cheek-kissing family), he sometimes grabs my face in his tiny, chubby hands, turns it toward him, and kisses me on the mouth. I just melt. I have no idea what gave him this idea. It is so adorable.

Okay, I think that's all. William is waking up, and I need to get us ready for the dentist.

I hope my next post is titled, "Baby's HERE! It's a... "


*My hair is really short now. I wanted to donate at least once in my life, so at least that's done. I don't think I'll do it again. For one thing, it took me a long time to grow it out enough to actually HAVE enough to send in... and the whole time, I did not like having hair that long! And now that it's gone, it's a little too short for my taste. But I don't really care that much! The last time I chopped my hair short, I felt a deep sense of lost identity. Now, I just feel like a fugitive, survivor-on-the-run, one of those women who cuts and dyes their hair in a gas station bathroom because that's what they need to do to survive. My long hair was always in some type of ponytail, suffering from lack of attention. Now it can be free! And I can actually find time to style it.

**Avoid the Social Security office at all costs! I had to go in, and I had to take Will, but it really wasn't that terrible because I prepared myself to wait three hours. I got there about ten minutes after they opened, and wasn't seen for about an hour. Meanwhile, more and more people were flooding in to wait. If you have to go, GET THERE WHEN THEY OPEN! If the weather is nice and you are alone, go early and wait outside!


  1. Post a picture of your hair! I can't wait to hear your news!! Love the winter pics!!!

  2. That was me Kim - sorry it says Jay above. I'm logged into Chromebook under him. :)