Thursday, December 4, 2014

December dudes

I have NO business blogging right now. I'm in way over my head but my kids are adorable and hilarious as always and I want to hang on to it!

Last night Will said, "It's reawwy (really) dark outside! Let's turn it on." Turn on what, buddy? "Turn on the outside."

He likes to say really. I'm reawwy sweepy. I'm reawwy hungry. I'm reawwy tired.

He also likes to answer questions lately with a full sentence. William, are you hungry? No, I'm not. Only, 9 times out of 10 he uses the wrong phrase. Will, are you okay? Yeah, I did. Will, are you being kind to Barrett? No, I don't. 

Lately, Will's obsessed with:
Sitting in Barrett's crib with a blanket draped over the side and "doing puppet show"
Talking to Wendy from Bob the Builder (constantly voiced by yours truly)
Anything stuck in the muck
Asking daddy "how was your day?" and then interrupting him - every time - to point out the buck mounts in the living room
Playing in the kinetic sand with his tractors

Lately, Barrett is totally on the go!
Everything's in the mouth. Not super happy to stay in the carrier unless sleepy. Still the world's happiest guy. Even when sick! Sleeping better and better all the time (between colds, of course, and even during them sometimes). Explores, explores, explores. Loves 'lift the flap' books - he'll flip the flaps back and forth endlessly. Loves the Tegu wheels - for some reason he crawls around with one in his hand almost constantly. Searches for the fuzzy side of his blanket and the instand he finds it - thumb in mouth. He's a cuddler and a laugher and a wiggle worm.

What a couple of dudes!

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