Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Today and yesterday and Monday were gloriously warm. We also finally bought another electronic collar for Bo, and we received it Saturday, so for the first time in *forever* I wasn't keeping my eyes peeled on him. We could relax, knowing he'd stick around.

The boys love being outside. They run to the top of the driveway, count to ten (Barrett says, "one, two, three, four, nine, ten GO!") and then race down! Barrett never goes all the way to the top, so Will (who does, and therefore starts way behind) never "wins" but boy he sure doesn't know that yet.

The other day, Will: "Mom, I have a job for you. Can you go up into the guest room and vacuum up the dead ladybugs?"

Barrett is doing fabulously with potty training. Very proud of him. He wears pants now and tells me "pee pee" or "poop"... I now conveniently forget the "eh-em's" (M&Ms) unless I'm reminded 2 or 3 times, so they're weaning off of them.

Neva is starting to drool! Just like Barrett did. She's just the sweetest, by the way. Nothing but pure contentment and joy.

Tonight at bedtime Will told me he was proud of me.

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