Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Will the Engineer

"Mom," Will said to me from the backseat as we set off on a morning of errands. "Mom, I wish we could go back to the museum and drive the train, and you and me could drive it!"

"You mean ride in the locomotive again?"

"Yeah! You and me and Barrett could drive it!"

"Will, when we sat in the locomotive we were only riding it. But did you know that there really are people who drive trains? Maybe you will be one of them someday!" We proceeded to discuss the smoke of a train. William was under the assumption that the smoke was what made the bell go ding, ding and the whistle go woo hoo. "Nope," I said. "The smoke doesn't do that. Who makes the bell and the whistle sound?" When he didn't know, I said, "It's the engineer! The engineer sounds the whistle and the bell."

"Mom, maybe I'll be an engineer and drive the train!"

Barrett piped in, "I ride it! And Yoo-cas, and Eye-ya, and Yinden, and Yake!"

"Yeah!" I rejoined. "Lucas, Isla, Linden, Imogen, and Lake and Sage can ride too. And all our friends."

"Mom," said Will, "I hope all our friends can ride the train, and I can drive it, and I hope Grandma can be in my coal car with me."


  1. And when I talked to him he said I could be on the caboose far far away...mostly funny.

  2. At least you're on the train... I'll be back at the station, with Brian :/

  3. Grandma is needed because the train at the museum doesn't make the "woo-woot" sound without her. 🚂