Monday, June 29, 2009

Things that happened this weekend.

1. I realized we needed some color in our living room, which is currently decorated in several shades of brown, beige, and tan. With highlights of beige and tan. So I bought a few things to hang on the walls, things that might bring in a touch of color.

Well, I found out that Brian’s decorating opinions are very strong. Here’s a conversation that took place yesterday regarding the thing that you can see to the right of that handsome puppy.


Brian: “I hate it. There’s no point to it. It’s ugly.”
Me: “That’s not true! Look, it’s got fall colors and it brings out the colors of our living room. Look – the brown in our couch and the red in the chairs.”
Brian: “It looks like 1970s disco d├ęcor.”
Me: “Noooooo. It looks like… like nature. Like I gathered the autumn leaves from the forest and covered them with a river and brought it into our house. It goes perfectly.”
Brian: “No, it definitely does not. It’s ugly. There’s no point. Art should have a point.”
Maegan: “Not necessarily. The point of it is to bring in more color and it does!”
Brian: “Why can’t we put up pictures?”
Maegan: “We don’t have any kids!
Brian: “Put up pictures of Bo! I don’t care!”
Maegan: “I’m not going to be one of those people who puts up pictures of her dog all over the house. I don’t understand what’s wrong with this. It’s pretty!”
Brian: “Not in our house, it’s not.”
Maegan: “What kind of house would it look good in?”
Brian: “Have you ever seen That 70s Show?”

What do you guys think?

2. I tried not to wonder whether I was pregnant. Told myself I didn’t want to be pregnant. Kind of hoped I was pregnant and kept counting my cycle length in my head. Then realized I truly didn’t want to be pregnant, because that would put me at about eight months pregnant for our trip to the Bahamas in February. Began desperately telling Brian that now was really not a good time to be pregnant, that we couldn’t be pregnant until at least after February. Mentally slapped the girl inside my brain who kept talking about how nice it would be to be pregnant. Finally, found out I definitely wasn’t pregnant. Sighed with relief and stuck out my tongue at the girl inside my brain, who was carrying on with her "maybe next month" foolishness.

3. I went shopping with my friend, who dragged me into the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory between stores and insisted that I let her buy me a piece of chocolate. And I loved her!

So I stood in front of the case of chocolates, feeling like a child in a custody battle who had to choose between her parents. Only here, there were fifty different kinds of parents, all equally perfect. But after great deliberation, second-guessing, and consternation, I chose. I chose a piece of thick, crunchy toffee, dipped in milk chocolate and covered in macadamia nuts. Now, I could tell you it was delicious, if "delicious" meant “caused me to understand why crack addicts resort to crime” and “made me fantasize about drugging Brian with sleeping pills, sneaking out in the dead of night, and breaking into the store in order to steal the rest of that toffee". Ohhhh, that toffee. That toffee...

If you can believe it, I restrained myself after eating half of it – it was a big piece – and carefully wrapped the remainder in its wax paper. When I got home, I presented it to Brian as an offering of love, a payment for watching Fireproof with me. I felt like one of the Magi.

So imagine my distress when, this morning, he shrugged when I mentioned it and said, “Meh. It was okay. But I like M&M’s a lot better.”

What a weasel. I am totally going to make him watch Hairspray with me next weekend.


  1. ShouldBeDoingSomethingProductiveJune 30, 2009 at 4:37 PM

    Three votes on the artwork:
    Adult Female- Like it, nice color
    Adult Male - Like it, great for a stark wall
    High School Graduate Male - "It's cool."

  2. i can kind of see what he means about the "art" but I defintely see you side about taking some fabulous photography, and blowing it up and then hanging it next to the almighty moose?!

    and that is so funny about the m&ms...I can hear Philip saying the same thing...