Friday, June 26, 2009

Two things that grossed me out today.

1.) Part of the reason I am the Wonder Wife is because I get up in the morning with Brian - at 5:15 A.M - and let him drag me on a long jog around the neighborhood. While I am propping my eyes open in order to tie my running shoes, Bo is beside himself with excitement. The morning jog is just about his favorite time of day. On the last stretch, as we run past the lake on the wet grass, Bo leaps ahead into the water to swim out past the shore for a few minutes. He's got a good life, this dog.

I have to admit that one of my favorite parts of the day is right after the final sprint, when we cool down and we walk a block back to the house, holding hands. Then, on the front porch, I take a second to towel off Bo. He's not usually a cuddly dog, but when I'm drying him off, he snuggles into my stomach and looks up at me with his big, brown eyes.

But this morning, towel in hand, I smelled a fresh pile of dog poop. I looked over his body frantically to see if he had somehow rolled in his own mess. Nope. I glanced around the front porch. Nothing. Then my handsome puppy looked into my face with his big, brown eyes, panting. Augh! That was the smell! He had eaten poop!

Now, I know that some dogs eat poop. That's fine, for them. But my dog does not eat poop.

2.) Also, check out this spider. We found it by our house while we were landscaping.

Baby tarantula, yuck

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