Monday, May 10, 2010

Hello, hello! Hello again!

Well, folks! It's Monday again, and I've grown to really enjoy the first day of the work week. It's almost like New Year's Day - another week, another chance to get things right, an opportunity to have a great five days until the weekend.

I suppose I could write about all of this, but there's been a lot going on! In a nutshell, within the past ten days or so:

We went to Mexico for Christie and Mike's wedding - Brian performed the ceremony and did a GREAT job!

We planted eight more fruit trees in the backyard - and that makes fourteen. Two plum, three nectarine, four apple, one grapefruit, two mulberry, and two cherry trees. With the raspberry patch and the blueberry bushes, I'm hoping we'll save a lot of money in years to come. And maybe - JUST maybe - I'll learn to can. Can!

A neighbor and I hosted a baby shower for a friend at my house. I had a great time - I hope everyone else did, too. However, NOTE: a half-gallon of iced tea is not enough for eight people.

I took a friend to a roller-skating rink. And skated! And remained upright!

Brian and I hijacked an abandoned paddleboat and for the first time ever, explored the lake near our house. Brian caught wide-mouth bass, I read, and Bo spent his time freaking out about the fishing pole. For a good chunk of the trip, my dog's front claws dug into my bare thighs while his butt was perched on my shoulder like a frightened parrot. Once he got settled in the back of the paddleboat, however, we had a great time.

Brian recovered from Montezuma's Revenge. Eventually.

I baked all the moms and grandmas cookies for Mother's Day, bought cards and wrote thoughtful messages, packaged everything up - and FAILED to make it to the post office in time to send them. Ugh. This week.


And today, I received an email from Valerie in Nigeria informing me and Brian that we have a compensation "cheque" waiting to be collected... in the amount of $800 MILLION dollars!!! Can you believe it?! All she needs is my contact information! When I get my "cheque", I'll send all of my readers at LEAST $1,000 each! Maybe even $2,000 each! What an amazing day! Eight hundred million dollars!

Here's to the remainder of May... and here's a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my baby sister Erin... who turned seventeen on Sunday. I remember turning seventeen as though it were yesterday. My seventeenth year was one of the most important years of my life. In fact, I started (kind-of) dating Brian for the first time when I was seventeen.

Anyway, it's with a smile on my face and a thankful heart for my gutsy husband, my seventeen-year-old baby sister, my mom, mother-in-law, and all the grandmas that I say: Happy Monday!


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  1. Awww thankyou!! That was a cute blog...article? not sure what to call it, I am inexperienced in the ways of blogging, but i did want to were seventeen when you first started dating Brian?? Why have i not been informed of this knowledge sooner? It could come in handy ;)