Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Grand opening - get out of the heat and put up your feet at Maeg's House Day Spa.

It's July, alright! Well, almost. July's going to be a very busy month, but I love being busy - because time just flies by! And as much as I enjoy my life, and want to savor it day by day, I've got to say that I HATE this hot weather! So if the month of July flies by... that's fine with me. :)

Our garden is going gangbusters on us - I've been giving away tomatoes left and right, and the next day there are more to pick. But the real problem is the cucumbers! I've tried and tried to grow zucchini, thinking of all the things you can cook with it, but I've never been able to get the plants to go beyond the flowering stage. Never have I gotten one zucchini. So THIS year, I decided that simple was BEST. I'd just plant tomatoes and cucumbers.

I didn't even dream that we'd already be getting this many cukes! What the heck can you do with cucumbers besides slice and eat? And maybe sprinkle salt on top? You can't bake, saute, or cook with cucumber - what was I thinking? Maybe this is a sign from God that I should open a place called "Maeg's House Day Spa". I could charge a couple of dollars for women to put their feet up in my quiet living room with a box fan blowing cool air toward them (on their choice of three settings - low, medium, or high!) and cucumber slices on their eyes. Sound good? Hmm. If only I could guarantee that Bo wouldn't bark...

If anyone out there has any ideas of what I can do with all these cukes, I'd be much obliged. On the other hand, if anyone wants a few, give me a buzz!



  1. How about trying to make refrigerator pickles or a cucumber dip? I have never made either one, but they sound like something good to try! Either way, you've gotta LOVE fresh, garden cukes!

  2. HMMM! Pickles! That's a good one. I'll try it!

  3. oohhhh save me a TON of tomatoes and cucumbers :) i will eat at least two of each every day im there :) dont forget to save us some :) and becca makes this amazing dish with only tomatos and cucumber and you just put olive oil and seasoning and its a lovely salad for dinner.. we will make it when we come... cant wait... obtw about to make your apple pies for blayne he loves them :)

  4. ok i was also thinking.... you should make your own spaghetti sauce and salsa and then freeze it... i make sauce all the time when the peppers and tomatoes start ripening you just chop them up really small and put it in a pan and let simmer for a while... i put mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, onions, seasoning etc... yummy :)