Friday, June 4, 2010

Back to basics.

I realize I haven't been blogging much lately, and if I have any remaining faithful readers, I do apologize.

The first reason for this is because the past few weeks have sort of been different. I haven't felt like doing much beside complaining, and that is simply gross. I'm disgusted with it. I have no business complaining, yet whenever I determined to write a positive blog post during this time, it somehow wound up as a vent.

So I'd delete it.

Anyway, in summary, we've nursed Bo through a vasectomy recovery (and are still trying to figure out how to help him heal), gone to visit Michigan for a brief yet blessedly refreshing weekend, and discovered once again that no, we are not pregnant. (If you asked Brian, he didn't think for a moment I'd be pregnant this month, but can you blame me for wondering? :) And by the way, we are not trying, so please, don't pity me!

The second reason is that once I pulled out of this funk, I realized that I need to get back to basics. These are:

1. Praying for Brian.
2. Taking care of Brian (cooking a decent meal and keeping the house reasonably clean).
3. Doing a good job with work.
4. Staying healthy.

These are the very simplest of priorities, and I need to get back to doing them well. The largest reason for my recent funk was the anxiety I was feeling about not doing anything right. That was before I realized I may have been trying to do too much.

Superfluous things include library books and Facebook and blogging and while I enjoy keeping in touch with the world, I've got to "set aside the weight that so easily besets me". I've got to focus on the basics. So yesterday I spent a half hour setting up a system that effectively blocks me from Facebook and other timewasting sites during the weekdays.

(Ever so fortunately for you all, I did not add Blogger to that list.)

I also dumped a bag of unfinished books back into the library book return bin before our trip. I reckon I don't have the self discipline to do just a little of something wonderful... I end up making it my whole day.

I don't plan on stopping the blog. I'll pick up speed again, don't worry. But although I may be blogging a little less, I hope to start living better.


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  1. seems like you did add blogging to that list... btw i asked you for a recipe?!?! and i want to make it before i come to visit you :) so there is an idea :)