Sunday, November 28, 2010

Post-Thanksgiving Blues and Blotation.

Thanksgiving was a smashing success yet again, with one exception:

WAY too much food. Way.

I realized this when I had to put my mom to work all day Wednesday and Thursday, baking pies late into the night and running back and forth in the kitchen until our feet were killing us. There was no way I could have done it myself. Bad hostess.

It was confirmed to me after setting out a table of appetizers a couple hours before the meal: hot spinach dip and bread, baked stuffed shrimp, hummous and veggies (thanks to Mom!), apples and homemade caramel dip, and beef nacho dip and chips (thanks to Erin). People took time during football-game commercial breaks to fill their plates, and after they descended back into the basement, I looked at the table and realized that we still had a lot of leftover food. Leftover appetizers. And I thought, we haven't even sat down to dinner.

So when we finally sat down, each of us taking tiny spoonfuls of everything, I told myself that Thanksgiving isn't that great when everyone's too full to eat the meal itself. And as we wrapped up entire leftover casseroles that wouldn't nearly fit into the fridge, I told myself that next year we are cutting back.


Otherwise, it was an absolutely fantastic weekend that flew by far too fast. We played games, watched movies, worked a puzzle, hunted, took walks, played with the dogs, and found out that Brian's sister and brother-in-law up in Michigan are having a BOY in April! And, of course, we ate leftovers for the rest of the weekend. The microwave didn't rest.



  1. You are an amazing hostess Maegan and clearly went above and beyond a "normal" "call of duty" when it came to the Thanksgiving feast. "Kudos" to you for a "memorable meal", and to you and "Brian" for your wonderful "hospitality" - again. We are "deeply" appreciative...fatter, but appreciative. And you can "quote" me on that! ;)

    Love you Baby!


  2. Good job, Maegan! Sounds like a success! You're amazing, for sure!

  3. "Thank" you, "Dad". Love "you" too. And thanks Lisa!