Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Snapshots of Thanksgiving baking!

First of all... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear Dad! I'm so blessed to have him... and I'm pumped that it's now exactly a week before he and the rest of my family will be visiting HERE for Thanksgiving. I can't wait!

And it's with that attitude that I'm getting my Turkey Day Prep on!

"Sneaky Snake Bread" -

- for our Thanksgiving stuffing!

Making the streusel topping for our sweet potato casserole...

Testing a new recipe for rolls (awesome).

Wrapping up a chocolate flourless cake for the freezer.

A big ol' loaf for our Spinach Artichoke Dip appetizer.

I'm getting excited!



  1. Cannot WAIT!!!!!!! -RIN

  2. Thanks Baby-girl, we cannot wait!

  3. hey girl.. sad i cant come.. hopefully next year :)buuutt you should post your recipes for your new rolls and that artichoke bread too!! i wanna try them one day... hmmm maybe when i dont have school :) which will be soon yah!!! Anyways, I LOVE your blog so keep it up!