Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Musings, AKA "Not Going To Be A Regular Blog Feature, So Don't Worry"

Hey all, it's Monday!

On my to-do list today: take the car for an oil change and emissions inspection, cook some sort of a healthy meal (I'm thinking enchiladas and salad, since I've already got the filling in the freezer), do a little grocery shopping, WORK, exercise, and build a fire because... well, it's not that chilly, but I am just soaking up this cool weather before summer descends upon us furiously. In April.

It was a great weekend. We spent pretty much all Saturday moving a pile of firewood from point A to point B. Brian chopped down an enormous dead poplar and split the entire thing with an ax, while I hauled wood from different parts of the yard, dismantled our woodpile, and restacked it to our discriminating standards. In the process, dozens of cockroaches were spotted and killed, a few fingers were smashed, and several memories of this were reminisced upon and shuddered over:

Seriously. That was the worst of times and The Worst of Times. It's hard to believe that it's been three years since we busted our butts to split, stack, and burn that wood. (YES, yes, Brian gets most of the credit, but my butt was busted in close proportion to the busting of Brian's butt.)

Back in 2008, it was with great pleasure that we resorted to burning what was left:

But don't be fooled - we still wound up with a pretty significant woodpile that still hasn't run out in three years:

So with all this wood to burn, and a temperature today of less than fifty degrees, how could I not build a fire? It's the very least I can do. In honor of the splinters, the sore backs, the gallons of sweat, and the hundreds of hours spent on that woodpile.

Can't believe we've been in this house for three years now. All the work we've put into it makes me love it more and more.



  1. WOW, I am so jealous of your woodpile!! We gathered 2-3 cords of wood that we thought would last us through the winter (we have a wood stove), but it ran out a couple weeks ago! :-P We tried to find more, but of course now it's not seasoned, so it burns like crap. I think we need a stack the size of yours! (Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog- looking forward to keeping up with you!)

  2. I can't believe it's been three years either! I too have fond memories of assisting Brian drag, saw, chop and stack! THEN the bonfire! YEE!! and the fire department didn't even come! (that year, anyway!) We love your home too Maegan and cherish every opportunity to make it down and spend time in it, with you and Brian. LOVE YOU & MISS YOU...TONS!


  3. A, that's what I kept telling myself when we were killing ourselves to stack it... 'We'll appreciate this someday...' And yes, non-seasoned wood is just the cruelest joke. Here's to hoping you find lots of free firewood this summer. (We wanted to get a woodstove but we settled for just the fireplace. I enjoy it but I know a woodstove heats a LOT better.)

    Dad - we are planning another fire!!! And since Easter is in April (and hence your visit will be in April), hopefully the trees will obscure the view from the neighbors. STUPID NEIGHBORS. I'm still grumpy about that.