Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blog spotlight and the tricky business of cooking brown rice.

First of all, a great big SHOUT OUT to a new blogger friend, A, at Remember All the Way. She just posted on Sunday that after three years of trying for a baby, she and her husband are PREGNANT! I just can't imagine better news. Click over to her blog to read her story - God has been faithful to bring her through a lot of dark times. I also love A's blog because she is ALSO a wonder wife - lots of great recipes, gardening tips, hostessing tips - and she's a dog-mama too, which is RIGHT up my alley.

This morning, she gave a shout out to The Wonder Wife and I am so thrilled and grateful! Thank you, A! In honor of this great... uh, honor, I present to you an oft-used tip:

How to Cook Brown Rice Perfectly without a Hassle! As you know, brown rice is so much healthier than white, but cooking it on the stove has always been frustrating for me.

Here's how:

Preheat the oven to 375 F. Measure 1.5 cups of brown rice into an 8x8 Pyrex (or similar oven safe dish). Add a teaspoon of salt and any seasonings you fancy. (I added chili powder since I'm making it for a Mexican dish.) Add a tablespoon of oil or butter on top of the dry rice. Now, bring 2.5 cups of water (or broth, for more flavor) to a boil on the stove (or in the microwave). Pour the liquid over the rice, cover tightly with foil, and bake for 60 minutes.

Perfect brown rice, every time. Voila! This makes a lot of rice, and it stores well in the fridge. I throw it into my enchiladas for some extra fiber or mix it with sauteed vegetables for a stir-fry. Scroll below for pictures of this extremely simple process!

Thanks everyone! Have a great Tuesday!



  1. i am DEFINITELY going to use this brown rice technique!!!

    and you are so sweet ;-) i may be a wonder wife in many ways, but my house is not always clean (like in your header)!!!!

  2. My dear friend, let me introduce you to the fine art of hyperbole! Actually I think that banner would only be hyperbole on opposite day, if that makes sense. Meaning, my house is pretty much NEVER clean! (At least according to Brian, who is a clean freak.) :) And the brown rice tip - AH, I love it like a fat kid loves cake. :)

  3. This is similar to how I make my brown rice, but in a pot on the stove. I've thought about posting about it on my blog as well. Maybe I will do that soon and include a link to your brown rice as an option. ;-) Blessings, Maegan!

  4. Lisa, I've tried to make it on the stove but it always ends up unevenly cooked! I hope you post it on your blog because I would love to see it!

  5. Maeg, I just wanted to say that I made this brown rice recipe last night, and it WAS totally perfect! How did you come up with this method?! It is awesome- thanks so much for posting!

  6. Why thank you, A! I should put this in the post, but I didn't think up this method (unfortunately) - I saw it on Food Network! I am not exactly sure where. SO - I wish I could say I came up with it... but I didn't. But I DID post it, yes, so you are more than welcome! :D