Thursday, August 18, 2011

A nightly walk (yes, another dog post)

It's been so hot lately that my normal afternoon jaunt with Bo must be taken after dinner.... lest we die. But when the sun is setting it becomes such an enjoyable part of the day. If I can get the condensation to clear from my shocked, chilly camera, I figured you'd enjoy a few several pictures of what goes on when I take Bo down to the lake on our evening walk.

There's a very little bit of standing still.

Mostly, it's just a lot of running around.

There's some grass-eating... *gulp*. (Why does he do this every night? Can he really be sick?)

And of course, Brian's making me break in my new hiking boots for our trip.

Sometimes, Bo stands still and surveys 'his' vast domain.

And then other times, he's CONVINCED there's some sort of sneaky thing in the bushes.

"Quit taking pictures of me doing this."

Anyway, there's more frolicking...

... and some free-spirited rolling of joy!

And then we walk a few houses down, back home.

There's my sweet cuddly guy!

Wait... he looks kind of mean there.

There's his big goofy tongue. That's better.

Before we go inside, we take a second to check out the backyard... and our poor scrawny garden, wilted in the heat.

Bo makes sure no one's creeping on his space.

I admire my ONE SINGLE bell pepper. I decided to let it grow another week or so. If it's the only one I'm going to get, I want it bigger.

At least the cukes are still growing voraciously. The tomatoes are saying, "Hey, buddy, get out of our space. We're trying to survive here."

And, behold! One paltry small tomato. I picked that guy right away.

Thankfully, the raspberries aren't suffering too badly. "Brian, bring me a bowl!"

And then I towel Bo off, relax into our deliciously cool house, decide that I'm still kind of sweaty and disgusting from the walk even though the sun's gone down, and take a shower anyway.

The end!



  1. Pretty pictures! I'm excited to have a dog. And a garden. Next year though!

  2. i LOVE the dog posts! your are looks so beautiful! and our garden is wilting in the heat, too- don't feel bad! (PS. did you get my chicken email a little while ago?)

  3. Basil and Bo are two good looking dogs! :)

  4. Great stuff as usual Maegan! Makes us miss Beau, and you guys, a ton as usual. Love You~ Daddy

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Sky, I know how hard it is to resist getting a dog when you're looking at such adorable pictures (ha, ha!) but truly, no pressure here! By all means do NOT get a dog on my behalf! :)

    A, yes and I finally emailed you back! Thanks for the reassurance. You are such a talented gardener - I feel much better knowing your garden is lookin' a little sad too.

    Kathleen, yes they are! I miss the sight of Basil's ears getting all turned inside-out! He's such a goofy adorable guy.

    Dad, I miss you guys too. Very much! Absolutely no change there... except maybe I miss you even more than usual!