Tuesday, August 30, 2011

1,825 days!

Five years ago, Brian married me! And I married him!

I've been trying to come up with something flowery and frilly about how wonderful the past five years have been, but I'm failing miserably. This anniversary has been entirely low-key, laid-back, and relaxed... just the way I wanted it. And it turns out that my anniversary blog post is going to be the same way.

Heck, it's even four days late!

But trust me to say, yes, the past five years have been wonderful. More than wonderful!

I've learned a lot about Brian, about marriage, about my faith, and about myself. I've learned that when Brian likes something a lot, he'll shrug and say, "It's alright." I've learned that I like my steak even rarer than he does. I've learned that he doesn't care whether or not I make the bed. (But I do.) I've learned that it's okay to ask, can you help me? I've learned that I don't need to feel guilty when Brian makes himself a sandwich. I've learned that worshiping the Lord as a couple is one of the best things we can do together. I've learned that I don't always need to get what I want, exactly when I want it, and that usually it's even better when I wait a while.

And I've learned that I married a total keeper!

YAY, the Bri! Life is good!



  1. I just spent the last 1/2 hour crafting the perfect thoughts about your wedding day, and when I went to post it I foolishly thought I could edit it in the final window. I deleted it when I went to delete a coma. UGH!

    BIG bummer. I love you Maegan and am elated you are in the perfect will of our Father in heaven.

    I love you big time!


  2. Happy belated anniversary! I hope you had an awesome anniversary! Five years now... hopefully there is a baby in store - Lord willing, of course! :-)

    BTW, I sent an email to you at your wowway account. Are you still using it?

  3. AUGHH, Dad... that stinks! I'm bummed to have missed it and I REALLY hope it didn't take you 30 minutes! I know the feeling of thoughts expressed eloquently and then deleted. GRR! I have mastered the art of Ctrl+C, just in case!

    Lisa, no I'm not using it anymore! I can still log in there though. I responded to you via my new address! Thanks for the emails and I hope my replies were helpful!!!