Thursday, September 8, 2011

Nature's air conditioning... FALL. Coming soon.

The days are getting cooler, and there's absolutely no way to describe how excited I am about that. This morning, in fact, I actually opened a window and LEFT it that way for an hour. A-MAZING.

When the mornings start getting a bit crisper (and I DO mean 'a bit'... it's still summer here after all) it triggers all sorts of little happy feelings for me.

  • Coffee tastes better (yes, I'm still drinking it). It's warmer and richer.

  • The grass is covered in beautiful dew and the spider webs look incredible. With my new hiking boots - purchased for me courtesy of our Montana trip - the dew doesn't soak my socks, and I can trudge all over the field with Bo.
  • My pathetic flowers begin to perk up now that they've found reprieve.

  • Sometimes, after a rain, the unmistakeable smell of autumn drifts on the air. You know what I'm talking about.
  • Our morning jogs are more energetic in the cool air, which happens not to weigh a hundred pounds per square foot due to its humidity.
  • And while I know it's not that time of year quite yet, the cool morning air allows the voices of holiday elves to carry on the breeze... and I can hear them! Thanksgiving is coming... Christmas is coming!
  • The dream of a fire in the fireplace is coming alive again!

What makes YOU happy (or sad... is there anyone sad about seeing an end to summer?) about the changing seasons?



  1. I'd be okay if summer lasted forever! I mean, I do like fall, but that only means winter is coming. And winter is awful.

  2. I like the changing seasons, and I am loving the arrival of fall. It is one of the beauties of life! :-)

  3. I'm right with ya! I totally agree about the coffee!! I was just thinking that this morning. Also, yes...the smell! I love summer, but I always love when fall comes. I had to buy a scarf at Target the other day, I just couldn't help myself! :)

    p.s. I need you to email me some good baby links...I know you have some! :)

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