Thursday, August 28, 2014

Latest obsession

Will's into playing GAMES lately.

Not toddler games, board games. He caught a glimpse of them in our cupboard one day and he's been begging to "play game" ever since. "Play blue-one, green-one, brown-one?"

Why not.

His favorite is RISK. "Play Rix?"

Could it be that he is a budding military strategist? Or perhaps it is because of the million tiny colored blocks, the numerous dice, and the deck of a thousand cards that fall like a colorful crowd of butterflies when they are thrown into the air.
It's a special activity to do together, or when he's seated securely at the table and I'm frantically trying to find something for him to do while I make dinner supervising him closely. Yeah.

First he checks out all the components of the game. Then we "play". This usually involves us both picking a color and then alternately rolling the dice and counting the colors into piles until he "wins."
Then, when we're done playing, he makes "soup".
The game was once suddenly stowed away when he put a couple of the pieces into his mouth, so now he know that we just "pu-tend" to eat the soup.
This is "watermelon soup"
Then, before things get really out of hand, we put it all away and say "goodbye" to every piece.

And that's how you play "Rix" with a two year old.

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