Friday, August 29, 2014


"What would you like for breakfast?" I asked William. With great certainty he replied, "Cottage cheese, toast, and eggs." And he ate it all!

While dressing Will, I told him, "You have to wear your sweatshirt. It's chilly." Immediately he began to whimper, "All done my sweatshirt! All done my sweatshirt, mama."

William dumped some water onto the floor. I handed him a rag and told him to go clean up the mess. He grabbed the towel and happily ran off to comply. A minute later I heard him cry, "I did it! You did it? Good job Will!"

While William and Barrett were playing together on the floor, I rounded the corner to find William's leg thrown over Barrett's back. "Ride Barrett?" he asked with a smile.

"Have some mama water cup?" William asked me, pointing at my bottle. "No, honey" I replied. "Your water cup is right in front of you." Immediately he responded, clearly imitating me, "Mine! My water cup!" He's done this before! How can I explain to him that I'm not being selfish?

When Barrett woke up from his nap, Will kissed him on the head and in a singsong voice said, "Hiiiii, Bawwett. Did you try to sweep?"

During lunch, as Barrett looked adoringly at Will, Will cried, "Bayyett! No see Will!"
(Will alternately pronounces it 'Bawwett' and 'Bayyett'... and sometimes just 'Bett'.)

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