Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A quick one

Been up since 3:15 this morning and I'm actually doing well. Besides the whole hellish aspect of being up at such an ungodly hour with no way to turn off your brain or your baby (always on at separate moments, of course) there was a bit that got done earlier in the day that would have normally waited until now. So that's not bad.

Morningtime: I get Barrett up out of his crib silently, so as not to wake Will, and Barrett is so beside himself with excitement to be up that he leans back his head and screeches with ecstasy. Wouldn't the world be such a brighter place if God let us all wake up that way?

Lunchtime, feeding the boys soup:
Me: "A bite for Barrett, a bite for Will!"
Will: "I like bites!"

Naptime, tucking the blankets around Will in their chilly room:
Will: "I'm 'nug an' cozy."

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