Monday, January 19, 2015


Frequently Will likes to grab a random object that strikes him as a power tool (wooden spoon, Duplo gas hose, etc), and put on his imaginary ear plugs, hardhat, and boots. "Quink, quink," go the earplugs. "Cush, cush," go the boots and hardhat. Then he gets to work. I need to be reminding him of protective eyewear, I guess.

Made a fort after nap and the two boys sat in there with a bowl of green beans, munching away. Every so often Will would call, "I gave Barrett a green bean!" Periodically Barrett would crawl out and flash me a huge grin before retreating inside. For a rare moment I felt no mom guilt. They were playing nicely, eating something green, and happy.

Will wanted to ride his tractor in the basement but kept climbing off and telling me, "I'm sad on my tractor." I felt blue, too. So often my default is to make myself feel better with a cup of coffee and some happy music, but I couldn't have the coffee and I was wanting food. "Mommy's feeling sad too, buddy." I told him to sit in my lap and we prayed. Then I thought, send Judah first. And then I sang that song, over and over and over per Will's request, as he drove his tractor in circles and rode Barrett in the trailer, me walking slowly behind. And it worked. Now he wants to do it all day. :)

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