Saturday, March 28, 2015

Post nap conversation

Barrett wakes up from his nap crying (unusual) and I go in there to get him and he's just sad. I suspect he's still tired since he only slept an hour. I pick him up and sit on Will's bed with him on my lap. Will's laying down.

"Will, why is Barrett so sad?"

Will has this way of repeating himself after the word so. "Barrett says he wants a cookie, so... he wants a cookie, so... he wants a cookie, so... we can go to the store and get a cookie."

"Sorry, buddy, we're not going tonight - we're going to see Grandma and Grandpa." A few minutes later, Barrett's still crying softly on my lap, and I say, "Barrett, buddy, do you need some medicine?"

Will interjects forcefully. "Barrett says, NO.... Mommy, Barrett says NO. Barrett says NO. And Barrett says NO. And Barrett says NO!"

"Thanks, Will, I got it."

I spread Barrett's beloved blanket out on Will's stomach. "Will, can Barrett give you a hug?"


Barrett flops down onto his blanket, arm around Will and sucking his thumb. Will smiles and pats Barrett's back as he holds his own blanket to his face.

"Look at my two dudes!" I say. "My two blanket dudes!"

Will rubs Barrett's head and says, "My chubby friend."

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