Saturday, July 25, 2015

Will at three and 2 months

Will is running into the bathroom to go potty and somehow he slips and slides near the trash can and his right arm goes in. He's kind of a clean freak, so he panics that his arm is now sticky. I wash him off and take him potty, and as he's running back to his room he happily calls over his shoulder, almost as an afterthought, "Mom, fings go in the garbage, not me!"

Admiring a stick figure family I've just drawn with the bath crayons, Will goes, "Aww! They're all married!"

During the same bath, coloring with the bath crayons, Will asks to draw a "big nipple tent". I repeat very slowly, A big nipple tent? Yes, that's what he wants to draw. I clarify a couple of times and he finally says Yes, like in class. I ask, You learned about a big nipple tent in class? Uh huh, he nods enthusiastically. I say, Are you sure you didn't learn that God is omnipotent? No, that's not what he learned. He wants to draw a big nipple tent. He draws a big, straight line on the bath wall and, satisfied with the results, drops the issue.

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