Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Two mornings ago, William came down on his own for the first time ever. Usually he calls to me and I go get him, I get the boys dressed and we make the bed and head downstairs. But on Monday morning all I heard was two little feet padding into the kitchen and a little voice say, "Hello, mom." Why, hello, Will.

Later that day, after a play date ended, we waved goodbye to our friends and shut the door. Will turned to me and said, "Okay mom, it's time for a little talk." He paused, then said, "It was so nice to have my friends over."

Barrett likes to say everything that starts with J as though it starts with G. He can point out a Jeep on the road everytime, yelling, Geep! He asks for apple "goose", and Grandma Jo Jo is "Go Go". He is talking so much more just over the last few weeks.
Today Barrett pooped on the little potty for the first time ever! In the morning I sat with him, my legs crossed on the hard bathroom floor, my pregnant hips aching and aching, reading him book after book while he tried to hold in his poop. I encouraged and cajoled and prayed. I knew he had to go! After about 30 minutes, I told him he could get up - "but the first moment you start pooping I am putting you back on this toilet." Freedom! He took off running around the house, his naked butt disappearing in front of me around every corner. I followed quite a bit more slowly, balancing the little potty with pee inside very carefully, walking with a bit of a limp as the half hour on the hard floor had really killed my hips, and yelling, "Barrett, you better not poop on the floor!" I turned the corner into the piano room and there he was, squatting to poop. I was too late. I sternly scolded him, picked him up, and put him back on the toilet seat, where he finished the job, albeit very small and no satisfaction to me as I was cleaning the carpet.

In the evening, right after dinner, I knew another job was coming. I set up the baby potty next to the table and brought him toys to hold and books to look at. He was a little scared and wanted to get up. I didn't keep him on the toilet, but I did tell him, "When you need to go poop, you come sit back down." Twice he came and sat back down, then popped up again. On the third time he sat down and he did it! He pooped! The whole thing, from start to finish!

William and I prayed for daddy a few nights ago. It was getting dark and I realized we had forgotten to pray for him, as he was out hunting. Barrett was taking a late nap, & I said to William, "Let's pray for Daddy. I'll pray first, then you can pray." I thanked the Lord for Brian, thanked him that Daddy had an opportunity to go hunting, asked for his protection and safety, and asked for a big buck to come by his tree stand if it would be the will of God. Then I told William he could pray. I assumed he would repeat my prayer to some degree, but instead he said, "Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for daddy. Please touch his eye, and help him to feel better when he comes home. In Jesus' name, Amen."

Today was actually a very trying day. I came down with a nasty head cold last night and I can't take much to help. The kids didn't want to get along and it seemed like the few simple tasks I had for myself were stubbornly refusing to be accomplished. William needed correction several times and by 2 p.m. it was obvious he needed discipline. After his time alone, I went to him and, exhausted, myself, I lay next to him, cuddled him in my arms, and stroked his face. I talked to him about how the Lord's Way keeps us safe and how as his mommy I need to help him to stay on the right path, because I love him. I talked and talked and then finally, prayed for him. Then I looked down and he was sleeping in my arms. I don't remember the last time he fell asleep in my arms.

Barrett likes to bring me books to "ree". Today's was Goodnight Moon. ("mewn")

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