Thursday, December 3, 2015


Yesterday Will hugged me and rested his head and hands on my belly. "Mom, your tummy is full of baby."

At Kinkos, trying to entertain the kids during an interminable wait, I started to sing softly. Barrett began dancing and clapping immediately but Will just rested his head in my lap. Barrett stopped clapping and said, "Wawa, cap." When "Wawa" didn't clap, Barrett commanded him again. Then Barrett grabbed Will's shirt and said, "Wawa, cap now." I was trying to get Barrett's attention to tell him it was okay, Will didn't have to clap if he didn't want to, when Barrett squatted and put his hands on his knees, JUST like an adult would do (like we do) to be eye level with a child. Except he was now a foot shorter than Will, craning his neck to look up at him, and was still trying to boss him around. "Wawa, cap now!"

Brian brought a nasally, slightly still sick, groggy Barrett down to dinner after his nap. Will looked at Barrett's puffy face and said, "It's okay, Barrett. You don't have to be sick. Just have some candy."

Will loves going to Goodwill. He thinks it's called "Welcome Will." "Mama, that's my store."

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