Saturday, December 5, 2015

Will, these days

A $2 find at Goodwill, Candyland has been our "homeschool" activity for a few days now. 

Will isn't napping anymore. This has been the case for a few months now. It was difficult, at first, to get used to the change. I LOVE MY ALONE TIME. And I still do miss it. But it's worth it when, at 8 PM, William falls right to sleep instead of lying awake until ten at night. It's also been VERY helpful to use Barrett's naptime to do school activities together. I'm learning to really enjoy this one-on-one time with my big boy, even if it has meant sacrificing my precious, quiet two hours a day.

Still, it's an adjustment. Some days, he clearly needs a nap. And yet, even if he only sleeps for an hour, he's wide awake again at bedtime that night. I've really, really tried to find quiet, restful activities to fill this time. But sometimes that just doesn't cut it, and I walk into the living room to find this.

He just sits on the red chair, props his feet up, and puts himself down for a nap.

My sweet sleeping guy. 

And here are just some photos of him, on a Handy Manny kick, showing me his tools, and wearing his safety goggles upside down because, of course, they look better that way. And, they cover the nose, which is an essential safety measure.

"This is Squeeze."

"This is Rusty."

"Will, can you smile for the picture?"

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