Saturday, December 26, 2015

Neva's second outing

The day after Christmas started with a soft, sleepy baby. I tell you what, you try to take photos of these warm, snuggly, absolutely magical moments, and they just don't capture the perfection of all of it. Nevertheless.


I love newborn necks. Their skin is so crepey and warm and soft.

Then, Will, Barrett, Neva and I all headed out to see some model trains with Grandma! We picked Grandma up and headed to Van Hoosen Farm for their train exhibit and museum.

The trains were very detailed and incredibly done. I enjoyed watching them as much (or more than) the kids. The landscapes and city features were a lot of fun to inspect. Neva slept in the Moby like a champ, but it sure was crowded in there, and the trains weren't at child height, so Mom and I both had a boy on the hip, which was a little tiring.

After the trains, we checked out the museum. It was an absolute thrill ride of stuffed woodland creatures, old farming implements, handmade quilts, and lots of boards of information to read. The boys were as engaged as you might imagine. (They did like the animals. William, recently interested in Finding Nemo, checked out the fish tank for QUITE some time, looking NOT for Nemo but looking instead for the filter mechanism that Nemo sabotages in the movie.) Will also liked playing with the animal prints in the sand, a little display for kids to learn about animal tracks.

The trains!

Neva's second outing selfie!
Checking out the stuffed woodland creatures
Barrett, enjoying the fish. And there's Will, looking for the filter.

Will is playing in the sand with the animal tracks.
Then we headed to Kroger, where Grandma bought the boys chocolate covered pretzels. Which was undoubtedly their favorite part of the whole day..

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