Thursday, December 31, 2015

Barrett Brian, nearly two

Whenever anyone in the family passes gas, he happily chirps, "Me!"

He calls his beloved blanket "bee!" And he cannot figure out how to suck his thumb if he is not holding Bee in his hand.

He is an encourager. Whenever William is struggling with a task and finally completes it (making his bed, snapping his jeans, swallowing all his bites, etc.), Barrett cries, "Yay, Will!" He is very excited to see Will, all the time. His love for his big brother, however, often translates to brutal violence when he decides to whack Will on the head (for science, of course) or snatch Will's toy just to see what will happen. I try to have some understanding when Will doesn't necessarily seem overjoyed to see Barrett when he wakes up from his nap (although I still make him say hello).

He is a crash monster, a busy beaver, and a cuddle bug.

Over the past several month his independent personality has been shining through more and more. He plays on his own beautifully. This play involves wandering the house, emptying drawers, finding random odds and ends and relocating them to other random places. He loves to see what happens if you put something inside another thing. I feel like that is his mission. What things can I put inside other things today?

If you can read between the lines you can imagine the chaos that often ensues in his wake. We've been affectionately calling him Hulk Smash or the Master of Disaster. But my mom suggested we  come up with a more positive name. So now we call him Barrett Bri the Science Guy, master of experimentation and hypotheses. He's our little cause and effect man. I like to imagine now that he is happily wandering the house, sticking things inside other things, for science. Into the dog dish. Into the dishwasher. Into the valve of his Camelbak. Into his footie pajamas. For science.

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  1. Oh I love this one so much. Perfect description, and things I never knew before.