Saturday, January 9, 2016

Fadwa comes to visit

Having my friend Fadwa come and visit me on a cold, icy Saturday, is one of the highlights of all of my postpartum memories. Neva was only 4 weeks old, and I had not been out very much, and I missed visiting and fellowshipping with my church family. Fadwa made the long drive up to my house bearing many gifts. She brought me delicious coffee, two meals for my family, a gift for the baby, and coins for the boys to put into their piggy banks. Most of all she took the time (a couple hours!) to sit and talk with me about homeschooling and having kids and a dozen other topics. I was sad when she had to leave! I'm so grateful she took the time on a busy Saturday to visit me and Neva. What a friend!

Aaaand just for kicks, here is a photo of Neva not two weeks old, making a smiley face in her sweet sleep. (12/23)

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