Thursday, May 5, 2016


Today, the storm door just up and ... fell off the house. It split down the side, broke in half, and fell off. I didn't see it right away when Brian gestured into the window for me to come onto the front porch. Then I noticed it. Just laying there, broken clean off. Brian, who was not having a good day (particularly regarding the house), stood on the porch and glared at it. I just couldn't contain my laughter at the ridiculousness.

Tonight while I was washing dishes after dinner and Brian was working outside on the ant damage in the garage, the boys were running around on the porch and in the courtyard area. Will kept running into the house to update me. (This was before the door fell off.) Once he ran in and said, "Barrett stepped in a puddle!" Another time it was, "I peed off the porch!" Then, "Barrett dumped DIRTY WATER on the soccer ball!" Finally, "We are making pictures of chalk for YOU. They say, 'I love Mom.'"

Will has a bad habit of arguing with everything I say. Everything. Even as he's obeying, he's offering a different "suggestion." It's a habit I'm trying to break. All day long, dozens of times, I hear this phrase: "Wait a minute, Mom..." 

Barrett has this habit of gasping dramatically at the least dramatic thing. For example, he looks out the window and gasps- a long, three-second, high-pitched inhale of shock. "What is is, Barrett?" "Deer, all gone!"

Are you looking into my soul?
Putting gloves on a two year old is like putting pants on a millipede.
They stayed on about as long as it took to put them on.
I turned around for a second and he was asleep!

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