Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Barrett discovered his backpack as we began packing up for New York. He wore it all day. I must have put it on him 17 times. Initially, he'd ask, "My packet?" By the end of the day, he was calling it "My packpack." Vocabulary development at this age is SO fascinating!

After bedtime, I heard Neva squeaking, screeching, and squealing over the monitor. I was pretty sure she'd flipped herself over from stomach to back (she sleeps on her tummy, and hasn't mastered rolling yet), and she sounded pretty happy, so I took several minutes to finish cleaning the kitchen before going to help her. When I opened the door, sure enough, there she lay on her back, pleased as PUNCH. You should have seen the giant smile she gave me. I picked her up and she just about burst with pride and joy. "See what I did, Mom???"


  1. He is totally going to be a cool guy. Picture number two says it all.