Saturday, October 29, 2016

Friday AM Bible time


William: "Barrett, what is your favorite part of your picture?"

Barrett: "The building all covered up!" Barrett put his sticker right over Jesus's face and then colored on top of the sticker, as he always does. 

William's favorite part of his picture was the building on fire with the water spraying it, as well as the golden lamb. "I know lambs are white, but I want to make this one gold."

I like how William used lots of different colors this time! He did a pink sky for a sunrise, a blue sky, red hair for the son, and of course the gold lamb and the building on fire. (I also like the violent Star Wars sticker as a contrast to the peaceful image of father and son. :/ I had NOT bought the stickers as an incentive for Bible time (they were supposed to be a treat for the Montana Drive but never got pulled out). Oh well!)

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