Friday, October 6, 2017

Charlevoix Day 4

The most full day of the entire trip started out with some more baby cuddling. Specifically, my older baby cuddling my younger baby. Notice Mac's terrified look in the third photo.




Nana got some more baby cuddles, too. 


Around noon, after playing with Lake at Nana's house for about an hour, we parted ways with Lake and went to Lucas's house to play for a bit. We stayed there for about an hour and mostly played outside in the beautiful sunshine.


The kids had a rather difficult time sharing the Jeep, and I admit when the battery ran out after a short time (Christie explained that its life is coming to an end), I was a little bit relieved. All the kids, however, continued to camp out on the Jeep and eat popcorn.


After our little play date, we met up with a Lake again at Michigan Beach. David took Sage home for her nap, and Lake stayed with us. We wanted to fly the kite, but it was too windy at MI Beach to do much of anything besides flying the kite. So after all the kids got a turn to fly it, we packed up and headed to Depot Beach instead.


Lake and Barrett on the slide. 

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