Wednesday, October 4, 2017


So much cute. Too much to write down. Everyone is just CUTE. 

"Mac's a tiny dinosaur, doodah, doodah 
He's a tiny dinosaur all the doodah day. 
Wanna hear him roar?
Mac the Dinosaur!
He's just a tiny dinosaur, all the doodah day."
(Sung to the tune of Camptown Ladies)

"This is an alligator, eating me and a frog. And fish. And this is you, Mommy, driving the submarine, and Daddy is driving the motorboat, and you're coming to rescue me!"

"Baby Bac? Hold-you? 'Gain?"

Neva talked all the way to church tonight and all the way home. All. The. Way. Mostly gibberish with recognizable names thrown in there. I told Brian, we are in for a lot of cute when she starts making sense. 

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