Monday, August 12, 2019

Blood drive

July 18 was one of those days- a day when you frantically claw for any distraction- and I certainly was doing that. I was listening to one of a string of podcasts when I heard an advertisement for the American Red Cross, issuing a call for blood donors. I immediately paused the podcast and made an appointment to donate blood. I don’t have a rare blood type. Do it anyway, I told myself. 

The following weeks dropped in like a load of gravel, one rock at a time, until August 5, when I hauled all four children to the blood drive at 1 PM. I set the kids up in the waiting area with tablets and suckers and sat down for my little preliminary interview and fingerstick. 

Do you know that this takes an hour? Well, yes. Because they can’t come back with you. 

(I immediately grow very concerned that Mac won’t sit happily in his stroller, unattended, for a full hour.)

Have you eaten a good meal today? Umm, well, no- actually, I haven’t. You’re supposed to eat first. Didn’t you know that?

Your iron level is too low. You should be taking an iron supplement two weeks before your donation. I didn’t know. Well, we can’t take your blood today. 

We’re in Oxford often, so take some iron and make another appointment. Leave the kids home, though. 

I left in embarrassment. I berated myself: “You just totally wasted their time and your time.” 

The next day, I totally forgot Luke’s first birthday. And didn’t remember for six days. 

You think of all the things you’re not doing, but as it is, you’re too depleted to even do the things you do

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