Thursday, January 9, 2020


Barrett, having been handed a pint of cherry tomatoes and being excited to eat them: “All RIGHT! My red rocket balls are ready to ROLL!”

Barrett, eating a frozen Ninja Turtles Go-Gurt: "Oh, Ninja Turtle, please stop giving me a breen fray!"

Barrett and Neva are racing each other down the stairs; Barrett is telling on her. 
Barrett: “MOM! Neva’s not helping clean up!”
Neva (having been instructed to do so): “My heart doesn’t TELL me to!”

Mac, looking down at the shirt I’ve just put on him- a long sleeved t-shirt with a robot dinosaur riding a skateboard: “WHOA! Beautiful!”

Barrett: “Mom, I’m still a giant spider. My name is Legs.”

Barrett: “Mom, I’m still a hamster named Cheese.”

Barrett, working diligently on a coloring page: “Mom, I wanna give this to someone who never had anyone make a picture for them.”

Mac, having been handed a toy by William: “SANK you MUCH!”

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