Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Fourth of July! (Coming to you on the sixth of July.)

What a great weekend! I know it's Tuesday, but Brian had yesterday OFF! Man. Having an extra weekend day with Brian is a vacation in itself.

We swam, watched movies, made burgers and corn on the cob, ate summer tomatoes, and laid in the sun. Bo had a friend over on Saturday and the two dogs played for hours in the backyard and by the lake. Bo was so tired the next day that he didn't even wake us up. Which was nice, because I've always had a problem with that. There's a reason we don't have kids yet, and part of it is that we'd like to enjoy some peaceful sleep for a couple of years before we never get it again. But Bo is an early riser, and he whines incessantly around 6:00 on the weekends. Have I ever mentioned how much I love my husband? I do, because he's always the one that gets up and takes him for his walk. At 6:30. I love him.

In honor of the fourth, we had a fire on the deck, finally putting our firepit to use. When we first moved into the house, we frantically shopped for two things: a grill and a firepit, believing that we'd use both, often. Well, we use the grill all the time, but the firepit? Nope. We broke it in in February 2008, and henceforth have left it covered and neglected. With the summer heat, it seems like there's never a good time to use it - and in the winter, well, that's why we've got the fireplace. But on Sunday night, when the sun had set, we plugged in a box fan on the deck and sat in the artificial breeze while we roasted marshmallows over our blazing fire. And it was nice! Surprisingly nice. I daresay we'll do it again, and fairly soon.

When the fireworks began all around us, we shot our guns into the ground and cheered for our independence. Yay for redneck-style celebrations!


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