Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I think today is Wednesday? Um, yeah. Wednesday! So, today: Wednesday Blog Update.

It's been nonstop fun, action, and excitement in real life! In my blog life, however - please, excuse the silence.

Brian and I had two friends visit last week. We had an awesome time and ate a lot of food. Brian complained about gaining weight the WHOLE time. Yes, amongst three girls, he was the one worried about his waistline. You'd think he'd be more concerned that his euchre game has lost its magic - he and I stunk up the card table with our sad partnership! He's had to accept that Kathleen and Becca will remain champions until their next visit.

On Becca and Kathleen's very last night here, my next-door neighbor went into labor! And less than a day later, she and her husband had a beautiful baby girl. Meanwhile, her son and I had fun decorating the church for VBS and shopping for his little sister, who unfortunately had to stay in the hospital a couple of extra days due to blood sugar levels. Despite her having to stay in the NICU, seeing her made me excited to have my own little girl (or three-year-old little boy) someday.

(In fact, I'm so excited that I made Brian pick out baby names with me the other day. Thus, I'm proud to announce that we're all set for our first four boys and our first two girls! Anything after that will require extra inspiration - and maybe some basketball jerseys. Because at that point, we'll have enough people in our family for a sports team.)

VBS at church is still going strong, and I'm so glad to be teaching the Pre-K class. For kids that age, nothing is corny or cheesy. It's all fun! scary! exciting! Though calling out the names of a dozen three-year-olds all night does some work on the voice. Hopefully I'll be able to keep it around until Friday. :)

Now, consider thyself updated on my fancy, fantastic life. (More creative posting to happen at a later date.)

Go forth, and have a wonderful day!


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