Monday, January 30, 2012

It's a WonderWife recipe!

Just kidding!

It's an

pregnant WONDERWIFE meal!

Okay. Are you ready?

1. Take a can of fat free refried beans,

[INSERT nice photo of said can]

2. And half a pound of seasoned, precooked taco meat you might have in the freezer...

[I used venison, look at me being all CREATIVE!]

3. And hot sauce, lots and lots of hot sauce-

[Insert rant and rave about my latest favorite kind]

4. And mix said ingredients together. Heat on stovetop or in microwave.

5. Divide in half, so you can eat the remainder on Monday morning when you're hungry for breakfast.

6. Top with shredded cheddar cheese and melt.

7. Take a big pile of romaine lettuce leaves to DIP in your lazy meat mixture. HEALTHY chips, ohyeahbaby.

[INSERT beautiful photo of crisp lettuce and steaming taco meat-bean-cheese mix on a pristine countertop]

8. Eat while watching an episode of Cake Boss on Netflix. But only if you can do so without madly, insanely craving cake.


  1. Those chips sound yummy! I hope you don't have gestational diabetes - no fun.

  2. SKY, me too! Don't be fooled, I beg of you... the chips, by themselves, are terrible. Putrid. Dipped in my inspired Mexican dish, however, they become transcendent.