Tuesday, January 17, 2012

WonderWife perfect parenting begins... the dawn of a new day!

So I entered some basic criteria into our insurance search tool and found about 400 results for 'pediatrician' within 10 miles of my zip code. Oh boy. What in the world?

Stick 'im!

(I love this picture, by the way. It's so deliciously evil.)

I figured that since I have eighty million things to cross off my list before Baby Dubs gets here, I should probably start tackling them the way I normally DON'T tackle large lists: work on one task at a time, start early, and do a little bit each day. Today's task was finding a pediatrician - or at least STARTING the process.

I think that the first, absolutely most vital and important thing about finding a pediatrician is making sure that the location is convenient. Can I get an AMEN?! So I picked the first name on the list and called the office. An answering service picked up with a menu of choices. Yuck. I don't want to have to listen to a three-minute message before speaking to the front desk. Disconnect.

The second office I called was - BINGO! Perfect. The lady sounded nice- that's important to me.
Are you accepting new patients? Yes.
Will you bill my insurance company for me? Yes, we will.
What's your take on vaccine schedules? She paused, then said, I can have the doctor call you about that if you'd like. (That sounded like a bonus, that the doctor would call a non-patient about a question.)
I said, Well, I'm looking for a place that adheres to recommended schedules. She said, There are no unvaccinated kids at our practice, we won't allow it. I said, Wonderful.
I said, So, can I go with you guys?
She asked if I wanted to come in to see the office and meet the doctors. I said sure, and she said, come during lunch and that way you'll have their undivided attention. Cool! I told her I wasn't in a rush, so we scheduled it for February 9.
Thank you so much, goodbye!

Then as an afterthought, I googled the practice. Solidly good reviews, excellent! Then I looked at their website and loved what I saw. A male doctor and female doctor, a nurse practitioner, not much staff, and an open walk-in clinic five days a week.

It sounds like I can sort-of halfway cross that off my list! And even with writing this blog post about it, it took me less than a half hour. AMAZING, Maeg.


  1. Glad you found one you like - hopefully it works out for your family!

  2. Baby Dubs? What's this? Are you PREGNANT?? I don't recall a blog post informing us of this fact!? :)

    CONGRATULATIONS!! We are SO excited...