Tuesday, July 22, 2014

And I think to myself, "What a wonderful weekend."

Seriously. Best summer weekend I've had so far. I wish I was able to get more pics, but I didn't because I was enjoying the moment, so I will try to not regret it.

Friday, I visited a new park with the boys. It had a sandy beach area that Will wanted to see immediately. I didn't think he'd get into the water so I didn't change him into his swimsuit right away. Well, I was wrong. One thing led to another and pretty soon he was wearing nothing but a drenched pair of sweatpants-material shorts, lathered from waist up with thick white Aveeno sunscreen that wouldn't blend in. It was even in his hair, as I noticed his scalp getting a little pink, and his hair stood up straight, brilliant white. My little showoff was rolling in the sand and running into the water, so he had large continents of sand on various parts of him body, and every time a new group of people would walk down the steps to the beach, he'd yell to them: "Oh be careful!" and then fall dramatically. Or, he'd point at the highway in the distance and yell, "Oh, look at that! Big rig! Oh, big road train!" Of course, no one noticed that he was talking to them, except me. I laughed and laughed. He was in heaven. The whole time, I stood calf-deep in the water and held Barrett as he slept on my chest - the best feeling in the world. We stayed an hour longer than I'd planned, Will playing in the sand and water and me holding my sleeping boy. We ate lunch at a picnic table under a pavilion, and Will spent lunchtime feeding me phrases to repeat in a funny voice. He'd point to various things and name them: "Barrett's milk," "mama's foot," "ceiling". And I'd repeat them in a deep, growly tough-guy voice. I don't know why he likes that game so much, but it was fun.

We made it home muuuuuch later than naptime should have been, but no meltdowns- and I cooked dinner in peace and quiet. We ate it out on the deck. We spent the evening laying in bed as a family, looking at books and trying to figure out what to do with our Friday night. It took us an hour to realize that we were tired (hello-bed?) and we made it an early night.

Saturday morning we ate breakfast and coffee on the porch. We didn't even go back inside. We just started on yard work that needed to be done. It felt SO GOOD to be outside! (Side note: I feel like I haven't been soaking in the summer enough. I didn't feel that way this past weekend.) Will rode on the "tractor" with Daddy, played with a bucket of sand for over an hour, and spent just as much time pushing the stroller around. I made a huge dent in pulling down an invasive Oriental Bittersweet vine that has been creeping into our driveway and over our trees. After naptime, we went to the Strawberry Festival in Leonard. It was an adventure! We didn't know what to expect but I was excited to go.

It was definitely one of those thing that was super fun only because we had a toddler. It was a tiny festival in a tiny town, but Will ate it up. He pet lots of farm animals, rode a real pony, rode on a "train", saw big inflatable bounce houses that he was too little to use, and waved to everyone he saw, saying in his tiny voice, "See ya! Good time!" We finished up the evening with ice cream on the porch... for Will. (Brian and I are still, achingly, depressingly... dieting.)

He took it very seriously. When the ponies stopped a couple times (poop!) Will threw up his hand and asked for another penny. The result of many horsey rides at Meijer. 

I love his chubby hands on the front of the car. He thought he was big stuff on this train ride. 
Sunday afternoon - well into the evening - we spent with friends of ours for dinner at their house. It was so much fun! Their youngest son is about eight and Will adored watching him play basketball. The poor kid was exhausted, and yet when Will would wander the yard saying, "Aus, where are you?" he would pull himself out of his chair to go dribble and shoot some more. Sundays are usually spent with my family, which I love, but sometimes it feels like we're rushing out of church to go get dinner on the table. It was really, really nice to spend time with friends we normally get to chat with for only a minute.

I wanted to write this post for when I look back at this blog in a year or so and I've forgotten all about these little wonderful moments that made up our weekend. A couple cutes to wrap it up:

Will loves this book very much, one of his new faves:

Only, he says, "Read-you PeePee House?"

Yesterday he was excitedly pointing at the laundry pile. "Look-it that! Look-it that!" "What, Will?" I asked, befuddled. He replied, "Mama flag!" I spotted the skirt I'd worn on Sunday. "Mama's skirt?" He smiled a cheesy little grin, as though he felt silly. "Mama kirt." -Maeg


  1. Love it. Love Will and Brian with the pony! And I love that above book - we have it from when I was a kid. :)

  2. Kim, I LOVE when you comment on my posts! Brian was so cute with him!