Thursday, October 16, 2014

Book favorites - 29 months (almost)

Now that Will's getting older, he is much less discriminatory when it comes to books. Further, I can pretty much read the given text in any of these and it holds his attention (when I used to have to improvise a shortened version). We still stick to brief books (since he's two). There are many more years for The Chronicles of Narnia, I guess.

So here's a reallly quick list of what we've been reading lately. He loves it all!

The Napping House
Don and Audrey Wood

Didn't think he would like this story. He really, really does. (Amazing illustrations, by the way.)

Pete the Cat: The Wheels on the Bus
James Dean

This is a perpetual favorite. Will has started singing along with me, and for that, I am so happy. I wouldn't buy it, but he keeps wanting to get it from the library, so... okay, then.

If You Give... books
Laura Numeroff/Felicia Bond

My personal favorite is Moose a Muffin, but Will doesn't seem to be choosy. We've read Moose, Cat, Dog, Pig (Pancake and Party), and Take a Mouse to School. I plan to get the rest out soon!

Duck in the Truck series
Jez Alborough

I wasn't a huge fan of the 'moral' of the Duck in the Truck original book, but after borrowing the rest of the series from the library, I've come to appreciate these books a lot more. Duck is a bumbling, thick-headed, well-intentioned bird. He's always getting his friends in some kind of scrape because he just doesn't think. We've read Fix-It Duck (my fave), Captain Duck, Hit the Ball Duck (Will's fave), and Super Duck. Still want to borrow Where's My Key?

Jack's House
Karen Magnuson Bell/Mike Wohnoutka

Lots of big construction equipment and a cute dog. What's not to love?

Hush, Little Digger
Ellen Olson-Brown/Lee White

A boy, his dad, and a bunch of heavy construction equipment. This one came in particularly handy when Brian was gone. I think it made Will miss him more!

My Truck is Stuck
Kevin Lewis and Daniel Kirk

I Drive a Bulldozer

B is for Bulldozer: A Construction ABC

This is My Tractor (Chris Oxlade)
and Big Machines: Tractors (David and Penny Glover)

I highly recommend Big Machines over the other, but Will loves them both.

Bob's Busy Year
Tricia Boczowski

We got this from the library and then... we lost it. Couldn't find it anywhere. So I ordered a new copy online and the day it came, we found the library version. I'm thankful we did, because Will carries this everywhere. It's safe to say Bob is his best friend and most cherished compadre.

Llama Llama Time to Share
Anna Dewdney

This, so far, is the only Llama series book he's really liked. I love hearing him ask me to read "Wama, wama."

No, David!
David Shannon

I think he is mesmerized by all the terribly naughty things David is doing.

The Three Little Rigs
David Gordon

In searching for this image, I saw that Gordon's also written The Ugly Truckling and Hansel and Diesel. We'll have to check those out! In this book, however, Will for some reason loves to talk to the Big, Bad Wrecking Ball. Even when I make the Ball respond, "I don't care!", Will still wants to tell him all about his day. I usually encourage him to tell his stories to the Little Blue Rig, who is always more receptive.

Do you see a pattern, here?
Can you tell that my kid likes trucks, tractors, and construction?

Nevertheless, let me finish up with my personal favorite.

Sometimes I Like to Curl Up in a Ball

This book is so great. The illustrations are adorable. The text is rhyming. It lends itself to being either a great bedtime story OR a great "let's move around" book to get us active. And without fail, at the end, Will curls up next to me for a hug and asks, "Read 'gain?"

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